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12th Grade

12th Grade (ages 17 to 18)

The 12th grade is one of the busiest times for a student. In this grade, a student will be actively applying for their post-secondary institution. The 12th grade is also the year a student will be making any last-minute adjustments to achieve their success to be accepted into their post-secondary institution.

A student will be actively taking a leadership role in their extracurricular activity, they will be attending various orientations for incoming freshmen at various colleges or trade schools, they will be actively traveling to participate in educational functions, and they will be participating in any school functions pertaining to their last year of high school (i.e. homecoming, midwinter, prom, or senior trips ex.). Time management and organization will be a large factor in this school year; for “Senioritis” is very real! At the end of 12 grade, our clients should have completed the following:

  • Review four-year plan

  • Review college planning timeline

  • Review save schools of interest

  • Begin exploring scholarships and note application deadlines

  • Apply to at least 5 college or post-secondary institution

  • Research internships, community service, volunteer opportunities

  • Update resume and polish for final draft

  • Review employment guide

  • Attend workshop “transitioning to college”

  • Attend financial aid workshop

  • Update college planning timeline

  • Attend life skills workshop

  • College visitations for desired college

  • Collect recommendation letters

  • review summer programs

  • Assess “my skills” and guidance program

  • Review Post-secondary plan and make necessary changes

  • Review short-term and long-term educational, career, and life goals

  • Submit and upload final copy of resume

  • Journal experiences

  • Network with potential business organizations and/or career interest for internships

  • Monthly consultation with advisor