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7th and 8th Grade

7th and 8th grade (ages 12-14)

Ages 12 to 14 are normally in middle school. Due to the difficulty of such a new environment from elementary, we at ABC Guidance Counseling help our middle school client’s transition into this new social environment while building a firm and positive identity.

ABC Guidance Counseling helps the individual student find direction while dealing with the middle school environment like bullying, building a positive identity, acceptance, and intellectual confidence. At the end of 8 grade, our clients should have completed the following tasks:

  • Create short and long-term goals for educational and career

  • Take learning style assessment

  • Use guidance system to assess ideal careers and begin portfolio

  • Research careers by school subject

  • Student can explore different industries and interests

  • Knowledge of honors and/or AP courses

  • Gain understanding with transition to high school (learning strategies)

  • Begin planning their four-year plan (educational plan)

  • Make note of hobbies and extracurricular activities

  • Review short and long-term goals

  • Request recommendation letters

  • Review summer programs

  • Create a four-year plan based on postsecondary interests