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9th Grade

9th Grade (ages 13-15)

The transition to 9th grade is more responsibility and more maturity than middle school. By this time, an identity should be solidified. Most of the 9th grade is spent transitioning to the high school environment while accessing various resources, extracurricular, and sports opportunities to help the student succeed.

ABC Guidance Counseling helps our client achieve confidence in choosing a specific area or environment within high school. At the end of 9th grade our clients should have completed the following tasks:

  • Research careers using career cruising saving updated results

  • Continues to obtain learning strategies

  • Gain understanding of industries and career sectors

  • Comparing careers and industries

  • Introduce and review college planning timeline

  • Take new learning style assessment

  • Create and/or review short and long-term goals

  • Update four-year plan

  • Update extracurricular activities and hobbies

  • Insert or update community service or volunteer information

  • Request recommendation letters

  • Review summer programs

  • Quarterly consultation with advisor