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About Us

ABC  – a non- profit organization – is an acronym for “Achievement by Building Connections.” Due to the vast needs for learning and application this organization was created to build a substantial connection in communication and assistance between students, schools, parents/guardians and the community.

As we have been in business helping students for 5 years now, our 95 % post-secondary success rate is positive and motivating!

We are dedicated to assisting clients in finding their distinct and unique purpose. ABC Guidance Counseling will adhere to the professional standards outlined by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA). Our success will be accomplished by helping people of all ages locate the right career, explore education and gain training options by assessing their individual experiences and talents. This will be completed through Explore Assessments; which helps discover a client’s skills, abilities, and learning preferences.

Our goal is to enhance knowledge and application. ABC will also build alliances by connecting with the community and discovering the vital essentials needed for individual and social success.