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January 21, 2014

Dear ABC Guidance Counseling,

               I would like to first start off by thanking you for reaching out to my community with the ABC Workshop. The tips provided were very helpful and easy to follow. Having all the support of my family has been wonderful, but being the first in my family to attend college has been overwhelming at times. I want to make a difference in the life of others. When I die I don’t want people to remember me as someone who just went through the motions I want to know I made a difference. With that being said I had no idea where to begin.

 When Mr. Hayes reached out to me I realized he actually cared about my personal success. I knew all the decisions that followed would determine a big part of my future, but I felt relieved knowing I wasn’t going through the process alone. What I most enjoyed was each time we got into contact I wasn’t dealing with new faces each time. Mr. Hayes was there throughout all my applications.  When I was confused on which career choice and school was best for me Mr. Hayes counseled me, pushed me to research my careers of choice. ABC also provided me with sets of test to help reassure my strengths, good qualities and show my learning styles. The packets I received at the ABC Workshop have been very helpful and will definitely be used during my school years to come.

I am thankful for all the hard work and long hours that were dedicated to help me get where I am now. I am proud to say I will be attending my first choice Texas A&M Commerce. I could not have accomplished this without the help and guidance of Mr. Hayes and the Abc Guidance team. Thank you once again for making this an unforgettable experience.


~Betsabeth Sanchez

ABC Guidance displays excellence in [their] ability to connect with students. ABC Guidance led our students to tremendous success while guiding our first graduating senior class to opportunities beyond high school, including college and university acceptance.       

~Michael Pryor- High School Principal

ABC Guidance Counseling gets to know your students . It establishes an awareness  of areas and interests , needed academic preparation and insight for the future . Above all,  ABC Guidance Counseling listens to your student . They take the time to get to know  you  and help you reach your potential .

~Ron & Jennifer  Martinsen – Parents  and Educators

ABC Guidance has helped my son  and I start looking ahead at colleges and steer us in the right classes  to take during high school. Though schools supply this information, we as parents sometimes  do not receive  the information. ABC Guidance  helps fill the gap  helping us as parents feel more confident  in our child’s success  while  being  continuously informed.

~Marilyn Peters – Parent & Business Owner

 ABC guidance counseling is an additional help  to assist  our students  to ultimately  succeed  in their educational  journey.  they allow  the assistance needed  to help  the students that may fall through the cracks.

~Anthony Cummings –  Guidance Counselor

ABC Guidance Counseling has such an impact on my son during his Junior  and senior year of high school .  truly enjoyed building his confidence  in various areas  in his   experience in school. My son learned all the necessary tools  for applying to college  successfully.

~Monifa Giamano -Parent

 Thank you so much  for helping me get where I am today .  I appreciate all the time and effort you put towards helping me find a college, a career path, and SAT testing.

~Destiny Herring